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Highway Taste Restaurant located on Jalandhar-Pathankot Highway defines the luxury of dining out. The multi-cuisine restaurant is built over sprawling 2 acres land with awesome swimming pools, play area for kids, and open lounge for partying. The restaurant very well satiates the taste buds of vegetarians and non-vegetarians equally.

With classicic ambience and spacious sitting arrangement, Highway restaurant pleases the connoisseurs of good food with all types of delicacies from Indian and Chinese cuisines. Our professional cooking treats you with unique eating-out experience comprising every Tandoori food items, any Indian and Chinese cuisine. We know all taste-buds are not same and hence we customize our recipes right as per your eating preferences. Read More...


Our Cuisines

As you visit us, you will find a lengthy range of food items from Tandoori, Indian, and Chinese cuisines. Highway Taste Restaurant is offering delicious multi-cuisine veg. and non-veg. food to make your meals special. Though our menu will tell you about all our dishes, here is an overview of all our cuisines.


We are committed to serving the best tandoori food in the range of vegetarian and non-vegetarians. In the range of Tandoor cuisines, we serve a large variety of recipes from our country's rich culinary tradition. Our specialized tandoor chefs combine natural spices and flavour of herbs to prepare authentic tandoor grilled Indian dishes. We highly recommend you to experience the flavours and scrumptious taste of our Tandoor items with your friends and family. Right from tandoori roti to paneer tikka and non-vegetarian specialities like tandoori chicken and afghan kebab, our mastery in cooking is unquestionable. Our restaurant prominently features tandoori chicken that is perfectly juicy, spiced, and grilled with right hit of smoke.

India has inherited a large variety of cuisines that makes Indian food a real gastronomic exploration. The Tandoori Food served at Highway Taste Restaurant covers a whole range of vegetables, fish, meat, and chicken using special recipes and appealing spices. We take pride in serving all types of Tandoor dishes including Mogul cuisines, awesome tandoor cuisines from Kashmir, hot and spicy tandoor dishes from Punjab, Delhi, and Mumbai special.

Indian Cuisines

Our chefs are expert in cooking traditional Indian food. Whether you are vegetarian or a non-vegetarian, all types of saags, gravy-based vegetables, dry dishes, curries, chutneys, pulav, and biryani are here to make your lunch or dinner memorable. With Highway Taste Restaurant, you are sure to explore the best taste of all the Indian dishes. Our special lunch and dinner bundle makes a complete meal for you.

Right from Roti, Kulcha, to different vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes, we offer all types of food including Muglia specialities, Punjabi, Rajasthani special, Kashmiri, and many modern recipes.

Desserts are an integral part of Indian meals, especially when you are having a celebratory time with your friends and families. We serve the best desserts to add a dash of sweetness after your meals.

Chinese Cuisines

Besides serving the best Indian and Tandoori, we also have specialized chefs for Chinese cuisines. We serve all the Chinese cuisines popular in India including veg and non-veg dishes. Chinese food is the one of the most popular food in India after Indian food. Whether you love fried noodles or chicken nuggets, vegetable nuggets or veg Manchurian and spicy sauce, we have everything at Highway Taste Restaurants.

Our food quality is maintained at the best with taste just to suit your taste buds. Whether you love spicy food or mild food, we serve it right as per your choice. Each and every cuisine we serve are made by our skilled and experienced cook under the supervision of our executive chef and master chef. Since quality and customer satisfaction is our main focus, all the dishes are prepared with great concern for hygiene, taste and flavour.

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Highway Taste Restaurant
Near Bhangala, Near Aman Palace, On Jalandhar Pathankot Highway, 5 km ahead from Mukerian

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