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Highway Taste Restaurant located on Jalandhar-Pathankot Highway defines the luxury of dining out. The multi-cuisine restaurant is built over sprawling 2 acres land with awesome swimming pools, play area for kids, and open lounge for partying. The restaurant very well satiates the taste buds of vegetarians and non-vegetarians equally.

With classicic ambience and spacious sitting arrangement, Highway restaurant pleases the connoisseurs of good food with all types of delicacies from Indian and Chinese cuisines. Our professional cooking treats you with unique eating-out experience comprising every Tandoori food items, any Indian and Chinese cuisine. We know all taste-buds are not same and hence we customize our recipes right as per your eating preferences.

The restaurant is a capacious space with beautiful soothing décor with a capacity of 150 people. Right from our food to our service staff, and lighting, everything speaks of our superior quality and expertise. Serving high quality, hygienic, and healthy food is our core business and we leave no stone unturned to achieve supremacy in our business. We deploy innovative ways to make your eating out experience a memorable fun moment. While you are at Highway Taste Restaurant, you will be pampered by our courteous and friendly team.

The restaurant is created with contemporary interiors very well suited for various celebrations. The place has witnessed many family events, friendly get-togethers, business meetings, and seminars.

At Highway Taste Restaurant, there is much more to explore. We offer a vast area in form of an open lounge with a staggering capacity of around 500 people which is just right to host your private or office parties with your favourite music. With all such amenities, Highway Taste Restaurant is not only a feast of food but also a visual treat, and the best place to have fun.

Our restaurant also consists two separate swimming pools for adults and kids. You can work out with swimming and enjoy excellent basking in the best atmosphere. Kids passionate about swimming enjoy in the pool that is capable of letting around 30 kids enjoy at a time. The large swimming pool is capable of accommodating 50-60 persons. Likewise our indoor dining place and food, the swimming pools are extremely neat and maintained with best quality and cleanliness.

Being an enormous place, Highway Taste Restaurant is able to handle even the high volume of traffic in every perspective. The large parking area of 10,000 sq. ft. keeps your vehicles protected and you can remain stress-free while you enjoy food.

At Highway Taste Restaurant, our vision is to enhance the quality of your meals and personal moments, and enriching your fun times. Our success is our guests' satisfaction and happiness. Hence we have full-range delicious gastronomic offers at very reasonable prices. All our services and additional facilities revolve around giving you optimum comfort, safety, and luxury. Our food and services are just meant to ensure that our guests would love to come back and visit us again.

Visit us to enjoy a quick lunch or a relaxing dinner for an ultimate experience!

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Highway Taste Restaurant
Near Bhangala, Near Aman Palace, On Jalandhar Pathankot Highway, 5 km ahead from Mukerian

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